Contraption 1


Artist Self Account: Made from fleshy fragments, slimy entrails, and artificial simulacra, this work warrants a strong, visceral response. Sensory perception initiates the organizing, playing and synthesizing of the scavenged cut up magazines into imaginary machines. Recognition and analysis of a variety of stimuli—hair, grime, blood, metal, skin, and plastic, occurs on behalf of the viewer to arrive at notions of grotesque beauty, repulsive desire, and ambiguous certainty.

Artist Self Account: The concept “landscape” was always a constructed one. However, we can no longer view the land as merely a “pleasing view”. My titles come from climate change literature. They were chosen for their double meaning. I refer to natural crisis and make metaphoric reference to personal interior experience. I refer to the romantic landscape tradition. I appropriate imagery from photography. I enlarge these images emphasizing the dot-matrix. I try to reconcile my reality with what is around me. My landscapes are constructed.


Artist Self Account: My recent work serves as a loose container for personal allegories, which are looping, unfolding, manifold and in a sense never finished. Narratives are fueled by external sources but mostly feed from each other, daisy chain style, and species meeting species. At the core there is a collision of natural worlds, animal, human, unknown and cultivated. Densely layered and detailed, visually and thematically complex, they are fueled by multiple sources: wallpaper, comics, prints and maps. All of the works share a tendency to chart somewhat familiar ground and to extend their explorations into inexplicable terrain; the thing lost in translation.

Mysteries of Palais Royal

Artist Self Account: This ‘new subject’ work exhibits laser cut/ etched self-made lettering as if from a unknown language and culture. These glyphs have been created to translate into the English language via font design programs. The writing is original poetry translated into characters that are seemingly undecipherable, thus drawing attention to the aesthetic quality and unknown meaning of the symbols and plate design. This ‘new subject’ work directs the audience to consider the unique universe in every mind and the unknowable in all of us.

Strength of One

Artist Self Account: Exploring the function and meaning of surfaces, I find transition implicit in facades. I am interested in the ways that surfaces describe and dim underlying structures. My work oscillates in the space between abstraction and representation. The layers and fragments within my work create an enigmatic image that is a culmination of glances into memory and the unconscious. At times my work is sadly funny.



Artist Self Account: My work investigates conscious and unconscious internal dialogue, intention and creation of self-in-place as experienced by the individual in a habitat of capricious globalization and deepening digital dependence. My aim is to unify disparate inspirations from the fields of consciousness studies, social theory, artistic production, and business to create accessible works or processes for the everyday, where participants may gain regular and sustained access to insight.

Type Bar Portfolio 2


Artist Self Account: As a mixed media artist, I gather inspiration through color, texture, composition, humor and irony which are essential elements to my work giving way to limitless endeavors infused with spirited experimentation and calculated execution. My unique style is an open curiosity which lends itself well to themes from the irreverent to profoundly conceptual. My objective is to achieve infinite boundaries from a finite form. These intricately manipulated tubes of fabric represent the parts of the sum which inevitably become the sum of bigger parts.



Artist Self Account: The focus of my work has always been to depict something about the American experience, no matter how ordinary, and to say it in an aesthetic manner. The enjoyment of color, composition and consideration of tactile surfaces all need to marry with the content. That being said, I sometimes will create a piece for its pictorial qualities in and of itself, sometimes for the technical challenge a visual idea may pose. Elements of the way things sound and smell are also meaningful. Visual images should bring about the "at onceness" experience that we all know and understand in an instance.

Going Home