Future Of Western

Mission Forward
FUTURE OF WESTERN will outperform Kassel’s documenta to become the world’s premier contemporary Western art exhibition. FUTURE OF WESTERN will be the most significant, intellectual, authentic and dedicated contemporary Western art exhibition on earth!

Mission Context
Currently documenta is the world’s most respected “serious” and “highbrow” of contemporary Western art shows. Documenta prides itself on being multicultural and ever increasingly non-Western. At the same time, all other significant contemporary Western art exhibitions are structured on this same model. They view progress as a Western culture so intertwined with world multiculturalism as to be one and the same. Allegiance to a Western guilt narrative guides this homogenized vision for the future. In this model, resources, attention and priorities are flowing away from the indigenous Western artist. There has yet to be real dialogue on this complicated and critically important issue. Western art leaders appear to be in lock-step agreement. Might Western curators, art directors and the powers that be, fear the consequences of not conforming to this self-sacrificing anti-Western world view?

FUTURE OF WESTERN is a radical departure and revolution from the documenta doctrine. FUTURE OF WESTERN is modeled on differentiating Western culture from multiculturalism and non-Western globalization. FUTURE OF WESTERN offers opportunity to reevaluate tribe, contemplate cultural appropriation against the West, while searching for authenticity in still-emerging contemporary Western art. No one else is doing this. FUTURE OF WESTERN will ignite dialogue, reshuffle priorities and open difficult, serious and alternative perspectives.

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